about me
Hi! I’m Bridget and I write this blog.
I’ll take fruity baked goods over chocolate any day. I prefer eating savoury food to sweet and have twice been gifted a wheel of brie as a birthday cake. I am my (Dutch) mother’s daughter and eat my fries with mayonnaise… sometimes ketchup too. I secretly love those rubbery Spanish olives and have been known to eat a whole jar in a sitting. I haven’t eaten red meat in over ten years. I’m a first generation Australian and I hate vegemite.

about the name
Food, without apology is food you …
cook because you want to; before you even know who you’ll feed it to.
make for the people you love.
make with no concern for the butter or sugar content.
eat more of before it makes it into the oven than after.
snack on when nobody’s home.
make ethically, seasonally, locally.

email me!  foodwithoutapology[at]gmail[dot]com